Success Story SNIPES x digitalDNA

Salesforce Commerce Cloud as e-commerce platform

The challenge was to standardise the different store systems of the four SNIPES brands. Thus, the online stores, which used to be based on Hybris and Oxid, were to be migrated to the Salesforce Commerce Cloud through a comprehensive relaunch. digitalDNA took over the entire project management for SNIPES, as well as the requirements management and development of a new e-commerce architecture. In collaboration with SNIPES‘ e-commerce team, the external service providers were coordinated, the necessary processes in the frontend and backend revised and the migration of customer and order data accompanied. In September 2019, the first store on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud was successfully launched in Germany and Austria on

Salesforce Service Cloud for customer service / CRM

SNIPES decided to implement the Salesforce Service Cloud to facilitate the best possible interaction between their e-commerce store and customer service. In the first step, all requirements from the customer service team were collected and formulated. Afterwards, a data model for the Salesforce Service Cloud was developed and professionally aligned with the Commerce Cloud. Furthermore, several customer service use cases were developed and implemented by closely communicating with the team. In September 2019, the Service Cloud was launched simultaneously with the Commerce Cloud for Germany and Austria.

Loyalty program with bonus engine

By offering streetwear, sports and events, SNIPES has built up a large, enthusiastic fan base. In order to activate customers and reward them for their loyalty, digitalDNA was commissioned to introduce an innovative loyalty program based on a self-developed bonus engine in a major project. For this purpose, discovery workshops for the IT implementation were planned and moderated, and the targeted architecture was developed. In order to be able to map and understand the diverse customer processes, use cases were created and integrated. Users can now collect “coins” with every purchase and “hearts” with every social interaction by using the web or phone – additionally, the “coins” can be used as a payment method for the next purchases.

Rollouts in 6 European countries

After the successful launch in Germany and Austria, the new online store was rolled out to six other European countries:

  • Netherlands
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy

After an intensive cooperation between SNIPES and digitalDNA, the new online stores are successfully running in 8 countries and 11 languages on the Salesforce platform!

Within 8 months, digitalDNA has successfully rolled out the platform for SNIPES and its subsidiary brands.

Social app for the community

To enable customers from the young target group to interact with the brand in an innovative way, the new web store and loyalty program were integrated into a new native app: In addition to mobile shopping, customers can directly access an interactive social platform where they can upload pictures and videos of their outfits and tag the respective products. This user-generated content is displayed in the in-app feed and can be seen and liked by other users. The bonus engine has been integrated into the app as part of the loyalty program. Thus, customers can collect “coins” with every purchase and “hearts” with every social interaction and can proceed within the three levels Crowd, Crew and Core and enjoy benefits – e.g. promotions or exclusive VIP access to events.